The ongoing friendship between A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator got a little Fast & Furious over the weekend, with the above clip surfacing on Twitter of Rocky very carefully driving an Infiniti. As Twitter user @sadboykev, who captured the video himself, later explains, Tyler had offered Rocky a bit of a challenge, saying, "Rocky I know you can't drive," with the Harlem rapper responding, "I know how to drive nigga, I'll dust you nigga."

In the clip, which is only 15 seconds long, Rocky keeps two hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road as someone off camera quotes Popcaan by way of Drake, by repeatedly saying "shaky warrior." Additional tweets by @sadboykev show screengrabs of Tyler commenting on the video, writing, "OMG" and "LETS RACE ITS OVER."

Contrast the above video with one from a few weeks back of Tyler spazzing out to Kanye's "Freestyle 4," and it's clear that of the two rappers, one may have more experience behind the wheel than the other. Rocky and Tyler both starred in the latter's video for a remix to the Kanye song, and the recent history of their friendship has included on-air freestyles and a Tyler impersonation by Rocky that suggests the two have grown rather close.

Catch the clip of Rocky's cautious driving up top, while the additional tweets detailing the narrative behind the video are included below.

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