The ASAP Mob has gone back into the vaults as the crew decided to release a remix of their 2014 track "Hella Hoes." The result is a reworked version of the original which sees some verses from Danny Brown and Aston Matthews added to the mix.

It's a bit of a strange choice for the track to be released with no new verses by the ASAP Mob. Some of their raps, particularly ASAP Rocky's, do not come across well two years later in light of the untimely death of the crew's leader ASAP Yams.

"Uh, pretty mothafucka, pull up in this bitch like/Uh, jiggy mothafucka, hella hoes on my dick like/Uh, really with the shit, if a n---a trip, loading up the clip/Never slip, tight, never sleep, finna let it rip in this bitch like/Pistols popping, pussies dropping/N---as copping, bottles popping/Roxies chopping, Oxycontin, word to ASAP Lotto/Live down Collins mobbing slow//Syrup got me throwed, mouth is full of gold/If I overdose just let 'em know/Alright, I got hella hoes," ASAP Rocky raps.

It seems like a bit of misstep to release a track with those bars at this point, but everyone knows the crew has love for Yams. ASAP Rocky said that the Mob would be releasing a project called Cozy Tapes soon, which is essentially the album Yams was working on before he passed away. There's no word on a release date for the project at this time. But with a renewed push of singles like this remix and the recently release "Lords Never Worry," it appears the tape will drop sooner rather than later.

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