Video recently surfaced that shows estranged A$AP Mob member A$AP Bari getting jumped at a basketball court in New York.

A$AP Bari Gets Jumped on Video

On Tuesday (Aug. 1), video began floating around online that shows A$AP Bari in a sticky situation during a recent visit to a basketball court reportedly located in Harlem, N.Y. In the clip below, Bari is squared up with one man as spectators commentate the scene, with many urging the person to knock Bari out. As the two men prepare to throw hands, another person steps up and socks the Vlone co-founder in the back of the head. Within seconds, multiple men punch Bari as he spins around, bewildered.

"Dumb-a** n***a, come over here doing that dumb s**t," one person in the background yells while A$AP Bari is being pounced on.

Eventually, a woman gets in between A$AP Bari and his attackers and pleads with them to stop. The video ends shortly afterward.

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A$AP Bari's Recent Beefs

Last April, Bari made the headlines after video surfaced of him nearly getting into a fight with Lil Uzi Vert at a restaurant in New York City. Following a string of legal issues over the years, including sexual assault, A$AP Mob members have appeared to distance themselves from Bari. Last May, Bari took shots at A$AP Rocky for no clear reason. Bari is apparently still in good graces with Kanye West, who bought Bari a Maybach SUV last July after Bari crashed his.

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See video of A$AP Bari trying to fight off men at a basketball court below.

Watch the Video of A$AP Bari Getting Into a Fight With Multiple Men

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