Chiraq may be a fairly popular nickname for Chicago, but at least a few Windy City residents have made known their disapproval of the term. One of them is The Boy Illinois, who spoke out against A$AP Bari's purported Chiraq merch earlier today (Aug. 6).

Posting a screenshot of a tweet condemning Bari's alleged Vlone merch—which include's a black shirt with the phrase "I  the Chi" and a pistol, among other similar pieces—Illinois accuses Bari of exploiting the Chicago's reputation for being dangerous.

"Aye, @younglord I'm sure your Chicago friends haven't told you this yet, but we don't promote this bullshit here, AND you not from here," Illinois writes. "Also, if you plan to come to our city and make money off of glorifying violence, I hope you down to do some work in these communities and give back. I'm so damn tired of out of town folks coming in and profiting off of us. It's real out here and this what yall wanna promote! Miss me with that bullshit."

For his part, Bari has yet to address the matter, and it isn't entirely clear whether or not the merch is even his. There aren't any pieces of this merch on his Instagram account, though his Instagram story does include shots of the 2018 Lollapalooza Festival and his feed includes an image of him standing in front of a "I the Chi" insignia with G Herbo and Lil Reese. The merch is purported to be a part of his Vlone collection.

See Illinois' post for yourself below. When you're done with all that, peep Illinois' video for  "PTSD (Post Traumatic Slave Disorder)."

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