A$AP Bari is claiming that he knocked someone out for stealing his chain right before he got jumped at a basketball court in a viral video that is circulating online.

A$AP Bari Explains What Happened Before He Got Jumped

On Tuesday (Aug. 1), A$AP Bari posted an Instagram Story which listed the chronicle of events that led to him getting ambushed by multiple men, which can be seen below. In the message, the former Vlone co-owner mentioned that it would be the last time he spoke about the incident before explaining what really went down.

"This last time talking about it," A$AP Bari wrote over a black background in his Instagram Story. "A n***a stole my chain two years ago out car without me know so I knocked him out and his n***a jumped in."

A$AP Bari then said he didn't blame the thief for calling out for extra assistance during their fight.

The rapper continued: "Would had jump me to after the way I knocked him out."

In the other messages on his Instagram Story, A$AP Bari proclaimed that he was "So Harlem" for wearing luxurious jewelry without security around him. Bari also informed IG users that he was unfazed by people's comments on the situation.

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What Happened to A$AP Bari?

On Aug. 1, a video of A$AP Bari getting jumped on a basketball court surfaced online. In the video, which can be seen below, A$AP Bari and an unidentified man get ready to rumble before another man sneaks Bari in the back of the head. Shortly after, multiple men throw punches at the estranged A$AP member while he spins around completely confused.

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Take a look at A$AP Bari explaining what happened to him before he was jumped on the basketball court below.

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