Philly street rapper, AR-AB, has found himself in the middle of the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef after Drizzy name dropped the self-proclaimed top goon in Philly ("I waited four days, nigga, where y'all at?/I drove here in the Wraith playin' AR-AB") in "Back 2 Back (Freestyle)." With the name drop, rumors of AR-AB signing to OVO resurfaced and the rapper was asked by DJ Vlad whether he would be signing to Drizzy's imprint. "Let's just say it ain't happening yet," said AB. "But it could happen."

AR-AB, who has been caught up in a few beefs himself, most notably a feud with Cassidy, weighed in on the battle and was disappointed in Meek's response to Drizzy's two records. "I'm not even gonna lie, man, I thought there was gonna be five fuckin' Drake disses [from Meek] out by now," said AB. "I was like, Damn, Meek is gonna go hard. This is a good opportunity because Drake is at a higher level than him so this would be a good opportunity to gain more stripes. He came with that and that was it and I was a little disappointed."