AR-Ab doesn't want the beef between The Game and Meek Mill to get ugly. In a new interview with ThisIs50, the Philadelphia rapper says, "There's always some rap beef. I just hope this shit don't get violent, man."

The "Who Harder Than Me" rapper continues, "Out in L.A., there's real niggas out there. There's real killers out there. A lot of them work out, get buff and want to fight. If you're talking about Philly, everything is [with] the gun. You'll probably never get a fight out of a Philly nigga. They're gonna bring a gun. Everything is [with] the gun in Philly. Everybody shoots you out that joint, man."

If you remember, a spotlight was placed on AR-Ab when Drake name-dropped him on "Back to Back," spitting, “I waited four days, nigga, where y’all at?/I drove here in the Wraith playin’ AR-Ab." The OBH Records CEO has recently been affiliated with Cash Money, and he spoke to XXL about his relationship with Birdman in a June interview.

AR-Ab believes that Drizzy's lyric made Birdman aware of how dope the Philly street MC really is. AR-Ab says, "I don’t know what happened with the OVO stuff—politics I guess, but I’m sure that when Drake said my name, it opened up Birdman’s eye wide. It had the whole world’s eyes wide. So, I’m sure it opened up his eyes. That’s probably one of the reasons. They connected so we’re going to have fun with it. I need a verse from all of them."

You can view the interview with ThisIs50 above via YouTube. In case you missed it, check out The Game's latest rebuttal in the feud with Meek Mill.

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