Skyzoo and Apollo Brown have one of the best hip-hop albums out right now with The Easy Truth. Today, the duo drops the video for "Jordan's & A Gold Chain" off the album. For the Detroit producer and Sky, having a pair of Jordan's and a gold chain was the holy grail of the hood when they were growing up. Now they see the bigger picture. Over a soulful loop, the Brooklyn MC drops gems while spiting bars inside Calvan Fowler's "Jordan Heads" shop. The video was directed by Diego Cruz.

"When I wrote this song, the idea was to really zero in on what we were told as youngins' in my neighborhood what was important. To us, the small wins of a pair of Jordans and a gold chain meant the world, and with that in mind some of us lived on a "by any means" aspect and did whatever it took to fulfill those desires. Whether right or wrong, we all aimed for the same things where I'm from, and this record is a testament of those moments," says Skyzoo.

"Sonically I wanted to give this record something that was minimal, gritty, and straight to the point; almost underproduced. Skyzoo did his thing, talking about a topic that I think we can all relate to as younger folk. It was always a goal to be one of the "haves", instead of the "have-nots". Jordan's and a Gold chain gave that representation," adds Apollo Brown.

The duo will also be releasing a special edition mystery collection of vinyl that hits stores Friday. There are 4 different vinyl color-ways, each limited to 500 copies and shipped randomly to stores all over the world.

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