New Jersey's own Angelo Mota is one of the many new good artists coming out of the Garden State. Mota drops "Namaste," a fast-paced track that will get your heart pumping.

"Namaste," which is self-produced, finds Angelo Mota rapping about bouncing back from a loss.

"Basically, this track is a motivator," he told XXL via email. "I just got my heart broke so I wanted to release something that could snap you out of your funk to get you moving and inspired. With the last few releases, it was more of a slow catharsis. This time around, I'm purging all emotion and turning the confusion and anger and sadness into a track that will shake the roof off the building."

"Namaste" is Angelo's first release since dropping his debut album, House of Diamonds, which was released late last year. House of Diamonds was a really solid album that found the artist coming into his own and developing his sound.

The artist, who's signed to Immaculate Taste, discusses his battle with depression throughout the album and really pulls the listeners in with his honest lyrics. It's pretty early in Angelo's career but he has potential to make noise.

Angelo was also featured on North Carolina rapper Well$' last album, The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous, which dropped last October.

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