André 3000 is at it again.

According to a report The Philadelphia Inquirer published Sunday (July 14),  Philadelphia residents spotted 3 Stacks at various spots in the City of Brotherly Love at different points last week. Speaking with The Inquirer, Dayna Allen recounted her spectacularly random encounter with the rap legend.

At the time, Allen was taking a FaceTime call as she was waiting to hop on a plane back to West Philadelphia. It was at that point that 3 Stacks walked up on her playing the flute. She didn't realize it was him until after she was already on the plane.

Days later, on Tuesday (July 9), Philadelphia resident Russ Jackson met the OutKast rapper. “When I walked past him the first time, I didn’t approach him," Jackson remembers. "I just saw a guy, but he kind of fit the mold of André 3000. As I was walking, it started to click that it was probably him.”

Sure enough, the man who fit the 3 Stacks mold was the OutKast rapper. After being held up at a stop light, Jackson decided to go and speak to the rap legend, and soon after meeting, he played a flute solo, just as he had been doing when one fan spotted him playing the flute at an airport last month.

At least a few other Philly residents spotted 3 Stacks on the streets of Philly, and needless to say, they were happy to have done so.

Check out social posts documenting the rapper's random appearances for yourself just below.

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