Aminé and Kehlani have just collaborated for the first time, and all we can say is, why didn't this happen sooner? The new song, titled "Heebiejeebies," is a smooth, charming duet that sounds so good, you wouldn't think this was the first time these West coast artists have hopped on a track together.

"I got the baddest bitch/Shorty keep hollerin’ at me/Told her I’m a young OG from the West/And I’m repping up the 503," Aminé half-sings in his first few lines of the first verse. Kehlani handles the next few.

"I ain’t no average bitch/Baby come swing my way/I'mma put you on this game,
get it all gas no breaks," she sings from the middle to the end of the first verse, which, as you can see, features the two artists going back and forth.

The two also perform the hook for the track at the same time, singing, "You, you got so much potential/Every moment spent with you/I bet was always eventful/I've never seen your type of species/Give me heebiejeebies/Attitude Kahleesi."

"Heebiejeebies" represents the latest entry into a recent wave of dope material from Aminé. Last week, he dropped off a fire remix to his "REDMERCEDES" and added a memorable verse from Missy Elliott to make it even doper. We can't wait to hear more from the Portland-based rapper—and hopefully more collabs with Kehlani.

If you have Spotify, you check out "Heebiejeebies" below, or cop the song on iTunes. Plus, check out Aminé's latest show dates.

Aminé's Upcoming Show Dates

May, 28 – St. Paul, Minn. – Soundset Festival
June, 11– Manchester, Tenn. – Bonnaroo Festival
July, 29 – Detroit, Mich. – Mo Pop Festival
Aug. 5 – Chicago, Ill. – Lollapalooza Festival


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