Following an exciting 2016, Allan Kingdom is back with new music. To begin his 2017, Kingdom remixes Lil Yachty's hit single "Minnesota" for obvious reasons. Allan was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minn. Kingdom puts his spin on the record, creating a fresh, new version of the already huge hit.

"I been all around the globe, ya/But I stay in Minnesota/Had to do it for the culture/Cause I stay in Minnesota/Get the dream, don't wait for it/Whole team gettin' paid for it/Evergreens, I'm made for it/Get the green, uh get the green," raps Allan Kingdom.

In 2016, A.K. released his excellent Northern Lights project at the top of the year. This came after he joined Kanye West on "All Day" in 2015.

The So Cold Records rapper spoke with HypeTrak about upcoming releases and the time he played “The Ride” for Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. “I’m releasing new music soon and I’m excited about it. It really sets the tone for the next chapter in my career. But I couldn’t put out anything new until I released this video,” he said.

He continued, “I remember playing this song for Kanye the first time I met him, and he played it for Kendrick the next day. I realized how important the song was at that moment. It represents accomplishing your dreams and riding with those who support you. I’m just a Tanzanian kid from Minnesota and last year I had my debut project, toured and had 3 GRAMMY nominations. I’m blessed and ready to take my fans with me on the next step in my story.”

Listen to Allan's "Minnesota" remix above.

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