Allan Kingdom is back with a new track called "Froze" which he co-produced with Dro. The song's hook sees Kingdom making the best of a bad situation. The Minnesota native says some folks left him out in the cold, so he had to get it on froze. The rapper also makes some timely references in his verses including a nod to the recent smoking controversy surrounding President Obama's daughter Malia.

"And I'm hoping that the crowd don't see us/Cause I'm blowing on the loud like Malia/Hoping we can get it all together, IKEA/Tryna better my peers/Tryna think of better ideas/Tryna get a nut, I'm in this hotel, no Lil Boat, I ain't talkin' Aaliyah/I ain't talkin' Aaliyah/I think I'm losing my chill/New niggas popping, but don't got so much skill," Kingdom raps.

Allan Kingdom's new song arrives a few weeks after he turned some heads on Twitter. The Northern Lights artist claimed to be making a new album called Man on the Moon 3.

"Hey Everyone I’m working on my new project Man on the Moon 3," Kingdom wrote on July 29. "I know u been waiting a long time I got you."

This quickly drew the ire of Kid Cudi, the creator of the Man on the Moon album series. Cudi responded to the tweet with "This a joke?" And like many people do when they make a social media faux pas, Allan Kingdom claimed he got hacked. "My b just got hacked much love & respect," Kingdom said. All of the tweets have since been deleted, so it appears the two cleared the air on the situation.

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