Alfamega should have known better than to fuck with the Smoking Gun.

I guess he's been going around telling people that he isn't a government informant, and that the documents the Smoking Gun turned up earlier this year saying that he were fabricated, like that birth certificate saying Barack Obama was born in Kenya. So, the Smoking Gun went and turned up even more documents about Alfamega being a snitch.

These new documents don't tell us a whole lot we didn't already know. They just make him sound that much more pathetic. For example, we learn that the Feds didn't approach Alfamega, offering to knock the last 18 months off of a 9 year sentence, if he ratted out the drug dealer he used to work for - he approached them.

I wasn't about to spend the time it would take on Friday afternoon to read through the entire 25 page document, even though it's in extra large font and double spaced, like one of my old college English papers, but apparently Alfamega goes into great detail in describing the ordeal of trying to get into contact with a DEA agent. He called, wrote letters, he even had other people calling for him.

See, if he'd just kept his mouth shut, he could have pretended he was coerced into snitching on people, the way we're led to believe it always. You always hear about the two guys being brought into the station, they tell one of them they're either gonna bury him under the jail, with these damn Rockefeller drug laws, or he can sign a paper and go free. You never hear the story about the guy who's already been in prison for 8 years, but he can't handle that last year, so he begs the government to let him tell on people. I never would have guessed that's what happened to Alfamega, if I didn't just read it.

What was the big deal about getting out a year early anyway? The transcript might shed some light on this. As far as I know, Alfamega doesn't address the issue directly, but he does mention that he has 13 children by 13 different women - which is just incredible to me. I mean, those are ODB numbers. And even with ODB, it turned out he didn't really have 13 kids. A few of those women were lying. They knew he was too high to know whether or not he had a baby by them. He only really had like 8 or 9 kids. Even that guy Desmond Hatchett, who goes to court once a week, down in Tennessee, to divy up the take home pay from his minimum wage job amongst his 21 kids, only has 11 babies' mothers. A few of those women he doubled up on. He was probably thinking of making a go with them, then someone else came along.

It must be tough going from banging enough women to where he had 13 kids by 13 different women by the mid '90s, when he probably wasn't even as old as I am now (though he is an older guy), to being in prison, where the only sex you can get is from another guy. I doubt Alfamega was concerned with getting out so he could start making money to take care of his kids, but he may have been at the point where he was about to do something teh ghey. Again, the story you always hear about prison is the guy who drops his soap in the shower, and the next thing you know he's walking around wearing lipstick, with his ass hanging out of his pants, to signal that he's a bottom, but you never stop to think about the guys who are tops in prison. If, like Alfamega, you're enough of a bad-ass that you don't have to worry about being ass raped, why would you have sex with another guy?

It could be that there's a certain point you reach where it's been such a long time since you've so much as seen a decent woman, and you spend so much time around guys in various states of undress that giving it to another guy, up the Hershey chute, no longer seems like such a bad idea, and it could be that this point is reached right around the 8 year mark. Alfamega probably started noticing guys with especially nice asses and thought to himself, "Shit, I gotta get out of here!" A man of his stature could have done that last 18 months standing on his head, but the fact that he had so many kids by the time he was in his mid 20s lets me know he had some self control issues when it comes to sex. In fact, he'd better watch what he says about the Smoking Gun. Who knows what else they might turn up on him.

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