Alex Wiley lets loose a very personal record where he talks about his battle with depression and suicidal thought when he was 16. "Top Of The World" has the Chicago native rapping and crooning over a spacey beat. The new song is apart of a trio of records.

Wiley explains to HuffPo that  "Top Of The World" was apart of a project called Generous Dubsack. He continues,  "[The project] was loosely based on my high school experience, but it was about a kid who’s having a hard time in school, flunking out of high school basically. A lot of shit’s going on in his life, he’s really depressed and he’s suicidal. He plans to kill himself every weekend after school, but every Friday he has a ritual that he buys weed and his dealer always gives him more than he pays for. It was going to be about that human connection and I kind of scrapped the project, but I made a few songs for it—including 'Sexual Dolphin' and 'Lil Stoner Boi'—and this was the main song that made me want to make this project in the first place.”

Listen to it above.