The modern day late night host has to solidify his name through viral videos, and CBS's James Corden of The Late Late Show has made his mark through "Car Pool Karaoke." On Wednesday night (Jan. 13), Corden played chauffeur to British singing sensation Adele, and brought out a side of her that fans may not have known existed.

The two drive around the streets of England singing Adele's hits "Hello," "Someone Like You" and "All I Ask" before belting out a rendition of the the Spice Girls' "Wannabe." Corden asks Adele about her relationship with Beyoncé, and the singer says that the two don't really hang our so much as they're "very friendly when we see each other."

In a twist though, around the 10:10 mark, Corden shares that he had heard a rumor that Adele was quite the rapper. "I'm not talented on my own" the singer says, humbly. But when Corden turns the radio back up, Adele spits every bar of Nicki Minaj's head-turning "Monster" verse. While sentimentality and heartbreak are usually the singer's go-to beats, there's something undeniable about watching her rap “pink wig, thick ass, give 'em whiplash.” Nicki was very impressed to say the least.

It's no real secret though that Adele has a special place for hip-hop in her musical heart. In November of 2015, she said she was on-board to remix Drake's "Hotline Bling," and like the rest of the world, she's gone on record to say that she too is waiting desperately for Frank Ocean's new album. While Rick Ross's remix of "Hello" was technically unofficial, it seems about time that Adele register a few hip-hop features.

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