A year removed from the release of Blue Chips 7000, Action Bronson is gearing up for his new album, White Bronco. Set to release this fall, the album will feature production from Party Supplies, Knxwledge and Daringer.

"I’ve been making music for almost 10 years, and now I’m happy to go back to the basics, back to making music without giving a fuck about what’s going on on the outside," said Bronson.

"I’m liberated, I feel amazing, I’m manifesting my art in my many different mediums. White Bronco is a nice representation of who I am right now," he added. "And who I like being. I’m in a happy zone. When people say that Mercury is in retrograde, I call bullshit. Sagittarius always fly high. I don’t get depressed, I’m good. I always find a way out of darkness. I work out. I eat. I make art."

Along with the album announcement, Bronson also shared the project's first single, "White Bronco." Produced by Buffalo, N.Y. producer Daringer and The SVU Band, "White Bronco" is a jazz-infused track built around smooth keys and muted drums. As always, the New York MC spits braggadocious bars mixed with sports references and mentions of food.

"This new shit swing like Tiger at the Masters (uh huh)/Man, I don't fuck with none of these bastards (none of 'em)/I'm like a fucking father to these bastards (uh)/Shut the fuck up and eat your pudding (pudding)/Twenty alligators die for this shit I put my foot in (foot in)/You barely got your footing, everything I do, they said I couldn't (uh)," Bronsolino raps.

While an exact release date for Bronson's White Bronco album has yet to be revealed, one thing that is certain is that the project won't be released through Atlantic Records. In April, the Queens artist parted ways with the label and his upcoming album will now be released through Empire.

In related news, Bronson ran into a bit of legal trouble last month when he was arrested for smoking weed during a performance at the 2018 Sunny Hill Festival in Kosovo. The only American rapper to perform during the event, Bronson was arrested after stepping off stage. The MC was later booked and then released.

Listen to "White Bronco" below.

Action Bronson Corp. / EMPIRE
Action Bronson Corp. / EMPIRE

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