Action Bronson is a very unique human being. You listen to his music, go to any of his shows or just follow him on his social networks, it's clear that Bronson does what he wants, when he wants. Bronson does what makes sense to him. With every bar he spits or every show he does, he does it how he see's it visioned. This is a man who cares for his craft deeply. That type of character can be respected. After putting out countless amount of projects, touring all over the world and throwing a number people off stage, it's finally time for Action Bronson to put out his debut album.

So XXL caught up with Action Bronson to discuss his debut album, the inspiration behind it, why he can't be anyone but himself, and why he will never stop tossing people off stage.—Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)


XXL: Is the album really called Album Album?
Action Bronson: Nah, it’s not called Album Album. It should be.

Is there a name for it yet?
Naw there was like four running titles, one of them was Not Your Average Korean and one of them was The Chairman Intent. I don’t know yet, I’m not sure.

What type of sound are you going for?
I mean this album is going to sound like the Vietnam War. That’s what I’m going for. I’m going for psychedelic, that’s my whole vibe.

What can fans expect from it?
Fans can expect more of that fly shit, just more music that you can enjoy. Everyone is trying to make these huge songs; I just make things that I want to listen to. Music that I will be comfortable listening to 10 years from now, that’s my only thing.

Do you have first album jitters?
Never, this isn’t my first album; I put out eight projects already. I‘m fucking more than ready. I’m more then ready. I’ve been considered a veteran without putting out any major albums.

How’s the process now?
You know what things just keep coming up with certain songs, the amount of "moments" people want. I tried with the whole trying to get with different producers but it seems inevitable that I just have to do what I do. Because I’m not the type to be molding and I’m going to do what got me here. Continue to do the things that people love me for. I’m not going to play around. My music is my music. You know I’m not [gonna] no bullshit dance song. I’m not going to make no bullshit songs just so you can get up in the clubs or on the radio. Even if it’s going to be a radio song, it’s going to be hard. It’s going to have to be done my way. It’s either my way or no way. Of I fuck up, its on me. But I’m going to do it my way. I have this shot, fuck it.

You have some of the best album art, where do the inspiration come from?
I’m just trying to be different than everybody else. You got to stand out, so the album art is ... you know. I had some questionable memorable ones but it is what it is [Laughs]. You always remember it or it will always be funny. Blue Chips 2 was last minute. One of the homies did it for me and that was that. The artwork is what people see first. Usually if the artwork is dope, they’ll give it a shot. So I try to put out the best art that I possibly can. I know a bunch of great artists. Im always going to have that top notch art. I just cant live with myself if I didn’t.

I remember in an recent article that you said you don’t relate to today's music. I want to pick your mind about that.
Like I don’t drink lean, I’m allergic to codeine [Laughs]. I don’t get that whole thing of sippin' cold syrup. I mean I get it. It’s cool and everything. But my type of rap isn’t party rap. I can deal with it, I can laugh but that’s not what I’m bumpin'. None of my songs has 20 bars hook and 2 bars verses. My rap is rap. It's not like I can't relate to it. I can relate to anything, I’m young. I’m a young man; I know what’s up with everything. But it’s just not what I choose to do. What I choose to do comes from me. You ain’t going to hear not one motherfucking trap style beats on my shit. Not a chance, not a shot.

I think what fans appreciate about you is that you’re you. You think rappers today are comfortable to conforming to what’s popular?
Everyone is just trying to hit a lick. Maybe these people are being themselves. What is to say they’re not. I can’t hide behind anything. I’m a fucking fat white boy. I have to be able to rap. I don’t have the look. I don’t have the typical slim dude, fancy clothes look. That’s not me. I have to be able to rap, there is no other choice or else I get eaten alive.

One of your strengths I feel like is your stage presence. It’s great. I also noticed you don’t want anyone hop on stage while you’re performing.
This is my shit, at the end of the day, do bank tellers allow customers behind the counter? Are you allowed to just go behind the counter at McDonald's? Can you just serve yourself fries? Can you serve yourself a drink behind the counter? No. Don’t come into my place of work. You fucking paid to come see me, stay in the area where you are designated. Why come on the stage? For what? What is the point? Just so you can be seen? It's like when fans run on a field during a game, you see them get demolished. Someone takes a shot at them, they going to get smashed. So I’m going to do the same thing. If the security isn't fast enough, I’m going to deal with it myself. It’s kind of cliché that motherfuckers do this. It’s funny; people said that it’s stage and what not. Imagine, me trying to stage something like that. It’s fucking ridiculous. These are just humans that come to the show. Like the midget, he’s just showed up at the show and started acting up. He’s no different than anybody else. Why the fuck shall I treat him different. He’s getting fucking punted [Laughs].

You think people will come to your show just to get tossed?
Maybe, possibly, someone may try to come to the show and do a crazy move on me but I’m ready. I already know what’s out.