Photography By: Lauren Gesswein

On Friday and Saturday, Action Bronson with Party Supplies began their Blue Chips 2 Tour at Irving Plaza in NYC. The second night was a lot more tamed than the first--neither Bronson’s mom was there to celebrate again nor was special guests Ab-Soul and Retchy P. The Queens rapper also kept his distance and didn’t jump off stage and into the crowd like he always does. Still, Bronson brought his fun-loving charisma, throwing jokes (“I see no drugs here”) and heckling his fans for enjoyment (“I got you! You f**king pu**y face!”). He played a different setlist that included older material—“Silverado, “The Rockers,” “Strictly 4 My Jeepz,” “Shiraz” and more got loud pops—and ended exactly at 11 p.m. With Meyhem Lauren as his only surprise appearance, the final night in NYC was all Bronson. It’s me, indeed.

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