Action Bronson should arguably be on everyone's shortlist for one of the most entertaining rappers alive. And his latest song "Brother Jedidiah," produced by Alchemist and featuring the inimitable Big Body Bes, provides ample evidence of that.

While Action's range of topics hasn't wildly expanded since he started rapping, he's consistently provided clever takes and new scenarios. The first verse of this new song opens with a ridiculous court scene: the defendant, Action, rocking a yarmulke and his lawyer pouring molly into the judge's beverage. All of this is done to curry favor with the judge, naturally. And how does Action reward the lawyer for his loyalty? A Nissan Murano. It then ends with a food faux pas. The second verse gets into faster punchlines to showcase that his pen hasn't caught any rust. But it wouldn't be an Action verse without that one line that makes you scratch your head: "I'm so hard, you could cook a piece of bacon on my d*ck/Better be turkey though."

Then when you add in Big Body Bes doing what he does best—simply being him—on the hook and Alchemist with the expertly chopped up gospel sample, you have another satisfying track to hold you over until Bronson's next project makes it's way out of the vaults. He seems pretty upset with his label about the lack of a release date, though.

"Brother Jedidiah" will be featured on Alchemist's and Budgie's The Good Book Vol 2. The two producers continue the challenge of using strictly religious samples for emcees like Mobb Deep, Royce 5' 9, Westside Gunn & Conway, Meyhem Lauren, Your Old Droog, Evidence, Remy Banks and more. The 45-track, 2-CD album will be out July 21 via BAUEWYK. Peep more info on the project right here.

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