Ace Hood drops hew new singe “They Said It,” which is produced by John G and Murda Beatz. The record finds Hood rapping about proving his haters wrong despite what the critics have to say.

"Clearing my mind/I'm outta my head/Real niggas countin' on the boy now, stickin' to the basics/Screamin' he the one, he the one, like a young nigga feelin' like the Matrix/Think he got a gun, got a gun, like they boy quarterbackin' for the Patriots," he raps.

The hook sums up the song completely. He sings, "They said I would never be shit/They said I would never be this/They said a nigga fell way off/They said a nigga way too rowdy."

“They Said It" is the first track since Ace's August release of his Trust The Process EP. Before 2017, Ace was on a four-year hiatus. His last album, Trials & Tribulations, dropped in 2013.

Bump "They Said It” below.

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