Ace Hood is back and with a brand new record titled "Guess Who?" The Florida MC is no stranger to hard-hitting production, luxury raps and fast, ferocious flows. He built his career off of these main elements and in 2017, he's bringing it back.

"Guess who came with that bag? Guess who came in that Jag?" Ace Hood raps. "Guess who came to the club just to fuck it up, make a hater mad?"

The rapper reminds his competition and his fans that he's still in his bag and with the release of this new record, we've been assured that more is on the way. Ace is set to drop his fourth studio album later this year and upon the release, he'll probably will start flooding the airwaves with tons of new music.

Last year, Ace Hood released the mixtape, Starvation 5Throughout that tape, he touched on a variety of different topics, which included his disdain for certain record labels, thoughts on racism and staying true to himself.

On track with staying true to himself and doing what he believes in, Ace Hood also participated in multiple marches around the country last year, including a march against police brutality that took place in his own hometown of Miami.

Listen to Ace Hood's new record below.

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