During his joint appearance with openly gay basketball player Jason Collins at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, many commentators noted that A$AP Rocky seemed noticeably uncomfortable during the exchange where Collins discussed his coming out on stage. Rocky seemed to shift around awkwardly during his speech before declaring that "A$AP Ferg's Trap Lord was in stores now."

In an interview with The Stashed, Rocky apologizes to Collins for appearing to be homophobic on stage and wants people to know that isn't what is in his heart regarding gay and lesbian individuals in the world.

"I apologize to Jason for that, because people was laughing and shit, and you know… I really don’t think that’s funny," Rocky told The Stashed. "I saw they were making all the memes and pictures and making fun of him. There’s people out there that think I was doing that to be funny, and truthfully I got gay people in my family. I don’t give a fuck if you gay or you not. I just found it odd that MTV wanted to stand me next to this nigga when they are talking about gay people, that’s all. You know what I’m saying?”

It turns out that A$AP Rocky didn't even notice that his comments and body language were perceived as being homophobic until he returned from the award ceremony at night. Rocky felt angry about his appearance since he claims that he is not homophobic but admitted that his expressions could certainly be perceived that way.

“I’m mad that my facial expressions was like that because I’m not homophobic at all, and that whole thing just came off real homophobic,” said Rocky. “I didn’t really notice it until I got home and saw it.

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