A-F-R-O and Marco Polo's six-song joint EP A-F-R-O POLO dropped last month and features some gems including the Pharoahe Monch assisted track "Swarm." Today, we get the cinematic video for the track where the 'swarm' in quesiton happens to be a bunch of hungry zombies who are hellbent on eating the rappers for lunch.

Directed by Guy Blelloch, the bloody visual finds our protagonist trying to fight their way through a horde of zombies to escape a building. The trio uses an axe and hand-to-hand combat in order to maneuver around the brain-hungry undead with brute force - rapping stream-of-consciousness bars when they aren't bashing brains in.

"Native American land, saviour with lasers and anger/And banging patient a change of a shaking arrogant stance/Shaping the lyrics and stabbing ya face with hangers and masking tape," A-F-R-O raps.

Monche catches the tempo between putting work in on zombies spitting, "A panic and heroin addict/Sicker than Mr. Robot Anakin Sky-walking/And I'm an animal on the mic/Cannibal sidewalk protesting fighting for his mechanical/Rights, publishing, in my fucking mechanical riots/Swarm, West African killer bee abilities/A martyr with modern day smart bombs/Armed with Kevlar body armour."

After clawing and scrapping their way into an elevator, the crew gets a slight break in action before having to battle their way out of the building by bulldozing a cluster zombies, finally running off into the night with the undead in chase.

Check out the heart-pumping visual, above.

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