Last month, A.Chal unleashed a new single called "To the Light." The talented singer revisits the track for a new music video, which sees him going on a journey of self-discovery. A.Chal traverses the desert and sings about his efforts to reach the proverbial light in this visual directed by RJ Sanchez.

“Blowing all this cash on the things that never last/I don’t want it, you can have it/Counting up this bag while I’m smoking out the bag/With my brother, yo roll another/Eyes bloodshed, marijuana/Staring at the eyes of my karma/I’m bumping Michael Jackson and Nirvana/I’m tryna find my way to Madonna,” A.Chal sings.

Back in September 2016, XXL had the chance to speak to A.Chal about his career. The Peruvian artist talked about what genre he fits in and said he identified most with soul music. A.Chal noted that many people narrowly defined soul as a retro genre, but he feels it's the most fitting genre for his work.

"It’s like a blend of a lot of genres but to me, it’s coming from the soul so I think about soul," A.Chal said. "I know people like to limit that word with music and think about the ‘60s and ’70s when they mention soul but maybe those were some of the most honest times on the radio. I don’t know, but I would say soul."

Watch A.Chal's "To the Light" music video below.

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