Back in September of last year, A.Chal told us he would best describe his music as soul music, making him a fan of another artist with soul, as he puts it—DMX. Now, fans across North America will get to see the type of energy he puts into his live show with the announcement of a new tour.

As posted on his Twitter, the tour is aptly titled after his last project On Gaz and the artwork is a continuation of the cover art. He'll play live dates in the states as well as one date in Canada: Toronto on September 2. There are no opening acts listed for the dates.

This tour is a step in the right direction for his ambitious goal of becoming an international star like Michael Jackson, as he also told us in our interview. It's only a matter of time before A.Chal gains enough fans and pull over the next year to land a tour that stretches to his hometown in Peru and even beyond. So far this year, A.Chal has already performed at Rolling Loud Festival and SXSW. He's also set to perform at the Pemberton Music Festival in July.

Carefully planning his rollout, A.Chal has been playing the slow game of giving his fans just enough new material to whet their appetite before releasing On Gaz. He recently dropped two videos for "To The Light" and "Matrix."

You can buy tickets for the tour on his website and check out the dates below.

A.Chal's On Gaz Tour Dates




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