A.Chal, who could be on the verge of seriously breaking out, takes us through the "Matrix" in his brand new visual for his song of the same name. He dropped the track itself a couple of weeks ago.

"The Matrix and Tron movies were the mood for what I felt the visual for this song should be. Taking you on a trip into that dimension on a GAZI wave. It's simply that," A.Chal says of his latest visual.

In the KIBORZ-directed "Matrix" video we get several views of what looks like a cyber world. We get to see what the world, or, the "Matrix," looks like from above, from the ground looking up and at the ground level itself.

One of the first images we see is of a "World is Yours" blimp, a clear reference to Scarface. Throughout the rest of the visual, we see cheetahs in the jungle, and a massive cyber face floating in the air. We assume that's supposed to be A.Chal.

With its mentioning of "red or blue pills," the lyrics for "Matrix," which is all set to appear on A.Chal's latest project, On Gaz due out June 2, match up with the whole Matrix film franchise vibe we're getting from the cyberworld in the video.

“Going through the Matrix, red or blue pills, black shades that’s the basics/I feel it when they’re eyeing, that’s why I move low. Get the codes, never mind ’em," he sings on the  P on the Boards and Bizness Boi-produced track.

Peep A.Chal's new video for yourself below.

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