A.Chal, the Peruvian-born artist who has been making waves for the last two years, returns with his latest project, On Gaz.

Chal's 2016 breakthrough LP, Welcome to Gazi,  was a bit more soul based. On this one he expands with three bilingual songs on the offering and a bit of a different sound. "I think overall, the vibe of it is this Latin beach boy in Malibu," he recently said during an interview with Tidal. "That’s the vibe. I’m not based in Malibu, but I love it there. I go to the beach often, as much as possible. I like the ocean, the palm trees, just chilling by the sand at night. It’s a moment of decompressing. I like those moments when you have a time to reflect, with nature surrounding you. I think that is the vibe my music gives off."

The 11-song project features guest spots from A$AP Nast, French Montana and Gazi Ghost. The interesting artwork for the album features someone praying while engulfed in green flames.

A.Chal chopped it up with XXL last September and talked about his big plans for the industry. "I want to be recognized as a worldwide artist," he said. "I grew up on different genres of music, so I want to affect the world in the way major pop stars like Michael Jackson did. That’s my goal."

Listen to A.Chal's On Gaz project below.

A.Chal's On Gaz Tracklist

1. "Intro"
2. "Shadows"
3. "Cuanto" Feat. A$AP NAST
4. "To The Light"
5. "Matrix"
6. "Past Chick"
7. "Love N Hennessy"
8. "Perdóname"
9. "Criminal" Feat. GAZI GHOST
10. "No Service"
11. "Round Whippin (Remix)" Feat. French Montana

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