Last week, Miami rapper Trina was hospitalized after collapsing in a Florida airport. According to reports, Trina's unexpected collapse was caused by "dehydration and overexertion" and she was later released from the hospital that day.

While the cause of Trina's collapse seems to be relatively minor, many members of hip-hop's elite happen to suffer from far more serious conditions than a lack of proper hydration. Over the years, rappers have revealed that they suffer from a host of maladies that affect their regular everyday lives. In the 40 years of hip-hop's existence, artists have announced that they suffer from everything from asthma to AIDS.

XXL is looking back today at 8 rappers who have announced that they suffer from serious medical conditions.


 Ghostface Killah

Condition: Type-1 Diabetes

The Mighty Ghostface Killah is one of the greatest rappers to rock the mic. Unfortunately for Pretty Toney, he happens to suffer from Type-1 diabetes. Ghostface learned that he suffered from the condition in 1996 and in an interview with AllHipHop in June 2004, informed them that he quit smoking marijuana because it would hurt his condition.


Trick Daddy

Condition: Lupus

In March 2009, Trick Daddy announced that he was suffering from the potentially deadly autoimmune disease Discoid Lupus. Trick had been apparently suffering from the disease for years in silence before coming out that he has been afflicted with the disease.

Despite being ill, Trick revealed that he was refusing treatment for his disease shortly after his initial announcement.

“I stopped taking any medicine that they was giving me,” Trick Daddy told HipHopDX, “because for every medicine they gave me I had to take a test or another medicine every thirty days or so to make sure that medicine wasn’t causing side effects – dealing with kidney or liver failure…I just said all together I ain’t taking no medicine.”


Lil Scrappy

Condition: Asthma

In April 2012, the "Money In The Bank" rapper was hospitalized and almost died after a severe asthma attack hit him after a night of heavy drinking in Atlanta.

Speaking at the time, Scrappy told TMZ that his mother and personal driver saved his life after waking up on the morning of April 17, 2012, struggling to breathe and unable to talk.



Condition: Sickle-Cell Anemia

Prodigy might have been one of the most-feared rap spitters of all-time but the Mobb Deep rapper has been suffering from the debilitating affects of sickle cell anemia since he was diagnosed with the disease at three-months old. Sickle cell is a blood disease that is inherited from parent to child that affects 50 to 75,000 people in the United States today. It happens to disproportionately affect members of the African-American community, effecting 1 out of 500 children born within the community.

In a recent interview with, Capital P spoke about he manages the disease in his life.

"To me, it's a blessing from God, number one," Prodigy said. "Secondly, I take care of my health. I don't f*ck around. I learned how to do that of that a long time ago. There was years I was slippin'. I had many years where I was slippin'. I fell off of my health sh*t. I was drinking and doing all the wrong sh*t. When I got locked up, it actually helped me get my sh*t back together because you ain't got access to none of that sh*t no more and plus, when you're in jail, that's the worst place you could ever be to have sickle cell. You will die in that motherf*cker. Them n*ggas don't care if you screaming in pain. If they don't see blood, if they don't see you unconscious with blood, they not taking you to the hospital. So, I had to get myself together. I had to get my health together to make sure I wasn't going to get sick in there. I started working out. I was eating right, drinking mad water and just doing what I had to do to stay healthy."


Lil Wayne

Condition: Epilepsy

Lil Wayne revealed earlier this year that he suffered from debilitating seizures as the results from complications from his epilepsy. Wayne had been recently diagnosed with the disease after years of incidents, and chose to reveal the source of his continuing problems to Power 106 in Los Angeles.

"I'm an epileptic, so I'm prone to seizures," Lil Wayne told radio station Power 106 after his latest incident went public. "This isn't my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh seizure. I've had a bunch of seizures. Y'all just never hear about it."


Lil Boosie

Condition: Diabetes

While Lil Boosie is scheduled to finally come home from prison in the near future, the Bad Azz revelead that he happens to suffer from the effects of diabetes. Boosie was diagnosed with the disease in 2002 when he was 20 years old and has been living with the disease ever since. Speaking on contracting the disease, Boosie offered, "It's been a struggle for me. I can't lie. It's been a struggle. As the years go on, I feel like I learn more about it and I get better with it."



Condition: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is well kn0wn that former Dipset leader Cam'ron has been suffering from the effects of the gastrointestinal disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome for over a decade now. The disease which is characterized by chronic stomach pain, bloating, constipation and alteration in the frequency of the bowels has frequently hospitalized the Harlem rapper over his life.

In 2006, Cam'ron dedicated a song, "I.B.S." to the disease in which he described his struggle with the disease: "I got stomach pain / Don't matter sun or rain / Thought that it went away / Uh-oh, here it come again."


Rick Ross

Condition: Seizures

In recent times, it has come out that Rick Ross has been a victim of multiple seizures. Although, the exact cause of the seizures remains unknown. His most famous incident occurred on October 14, 2011 while Rick Ross suffered a violent seizure when flying on private jet that caused the vehicle to make an emergency landing in Fort Lauderdale, FL. After being given the OK to fly again, Ross suffered a second seizure onboard the flight and was forced to making an emergency landing in Birmingham, AL

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