Before he was arrested for federal racketeering and weapons charges last November, it appears 6ix9ine was trying his hand at acting.

On Sunday (Feb. 10), a commercial surfaced for a lingerie and adult toy store in New York named Romantic Depot, that features the rapper. Ironically, considering his past transgressions against women, both handled in the court of law and accused, the ad is promoting the prevention of violence against women.

The commercial starts off with Tekashi and a lady friend entering the store and the rapper announcing to an employee that he's "Ready to spice things up."

The Brooklyn rhymer appears to address his past ills toward women saying, "When I was younger, I used to make a lot of stupid mistakes, but I'm ready to learn more."

He added, "Thanks to Romantic Depot, I now know how to treat women with dignity and respect."

The ad surfaces just days after the rapper was accused by his ex-girlfriend of domestic violence. The woman, Sara Molina, claims the incident happened during a trip to Dubai in October 2018 and recently recounted the harrowing situation.

“He started to punch me again,” Molina said. "He started beating me for two hours straight. He had the craziest look in his eyes. I was scared. ‘Why is he acting this way?’ I had never seen him like that. He punched me so hard in my right ear I thought I was deaf. My face was so swollen. It was so bad. I could barely open my eyes.”

Before Tekashi's career popped off he plead guilty in a sexual misconduct case that was closed in December 2018.

Check out the commercial 6ix9ine starred in before he got locked up below.

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