Although he is currently in jail for racketeering and firearm charges, 6ix9ine is dealing with additional legal issues. Yesterday (Dec. 20), it was reported that a judge in Houston issued a bench warrant for 6ix9ine, who had been facing a Houston assault case after one teen accused the rapper of putting his hands around their neck. Today (Dec. 21), Tekashi's Texas lawyer, Carl Moore, is insisting that the warrant be dismissed.

While speaking with Billboard, Moore revealed that he plans to get the case thrown out.

"We plan to get the case dismissed and we have filed an affidavit to non-prosecution that the complaining witness executed... he does not wish to pursue the protection of Danny [Tekashi]," Moore said.

Further speaking on the case, Moore notes the difficulty of pursuing a case when the alleged victim of Tekashi's purported assault doesn't want. He also makes note of the fact that 6ix9ine is already behind bars.

"I think they will have a tough time proving the case if they don't have a victim, not to mention the fact that [6ix9ine] is in federal custody dealing with a racketeering case that is a lot more serious than what he's dealing with in Paris County," Moore said.

Last month, the Dummy Boy rapper was arrested for racketeering and firearm charges. He is facing 32 years to life in prison.

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