After helping take down former associates in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang in federal court, 6ix9ine is living on the proverbial edge after being released into the public. Apparently, even he is shocked that he is still here.

Tekashi is about two weeks from being off house arrest and becoming a fully free man. On Saturday (July 11), an Instagram blog questioned whether or not 6ix9ine would be active in the streets once he is free from the ankle monitor posing, "Y'all think 6ix9ine gonna be back running the streets when he gets off house arrest or will he move outta America and hide out for the rest of his career?"

The Brooklyn rapper responded in the comment section. "I'm surprised I didn't die yet," Tekashi posted. "But its not so bad being dead the way ya support the artist after they die. #fakelove."

6ix9ine via Instagram
6ix9ine via Instagram

6ix9ine has been more popular than ever after skating a possible 45-year prison sentence by working with the federal government. Since coming home after serving 16 months in prison, he's hit the ground running, releasing the hit singles "Gooba" and "Trollz" featuring Nicki Minaj.

He has previously stated he would be running the streets if he were not on house arrest. His lawyer has expressed concern that he will be the target of gang members once he is not being monitored by police.

“I’m concerned,” Dawn Florio, one of his lawyers, told the New York Post in an article published in June. “Lots of people condemn Danny for cooperating with the government. Even a young gang member who wants to make a name for himself could try something."

When the ankle monitor is removed, 6ix9ine will have five more years of supervised release and need permission to leave the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. According to an article published on TMZ on Sunday (July 12), the rapper's lawyer says he will stay out of trouble and focus on music.

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