6ix9ine has hinted at his return to the rap scene after being released from prison early on home confinement due to the spreading of the coronavirus.

On Wednesday afternoon (April 29), the Brooklyn rapper hopped on Instagram and teased that he'll be back next week. "You ready?," he wrote, including an emoji with the tongue sticking out. "May 8th."

The social media posts come one week after Tekashi, who has also removed everyone he follows on Instagram, requested permission from a judge to film a music video outside of his home. According to court documents obtained by XXL, the rapper has received approval to work within the confines of his home.

@6ix9ine via Instagram
6ix9ine via Instagram

The order, which was signed by Judge Paul Engelmayer on April 29, states that 6ix9ine is "permitted to conduct employment-related activities outside the residence but within the confines of the rented property for two (2) hours per week on one (1) specific day that needs advanced approval by the Probation Officer."

Tekashi is also allowed to work in the basement of his home, but due to his GPS tracking device, he has been limited to no more than eight hours a day with a schedule that will be determined by the releasee and approved by his probation officer.

6ix9ine, who also celebrates his 24th birthday on May 8, was freed from prison on April 2 after being granted a compassionate release amid coronavirus concerns. Due to the rapper's medical condition, his asthma would have put him at risk, thus making it difficult for him to fight the virus if he were to contract the illness while behind bars.

Following his release from prison, Tekashi was granted permission to record music and return to social media.

Two words: he's back.

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