After being apparently removed from the scene of the "Billy" music video shoot this afternoon (Feb. 27), it has been revealed that 6ix9ine wasn't in fact arrested.

The NYPD confirmed to XXL that they caught wind of the mounting crowd in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn where Tekashi was shooting the video, and decided to remove the artist from the scene for his own safety and the safety of others.

Although the controversial artist didn't have the necessary permit to film the video, the NYPD wasn't interested in filing charges.

"We know he's getting popular in the community ... We just want people to be safe," a NYPD representative said..

The rapper posted to his Instagram that he was out of police custody, and appeared to be surrounded by members of his crew.


It appears that 6ix9ine was arrested this afternoon (Feb. 27) in New York during the video shoot for his song "Billy," off his new mixtape, Day69.

Videos posted to social media see the controversial Brooklyn rapper being forced into an unmarked police vehicle as a large crowd is gathered around. One police officer gives a signal, and the car speeds off with Teka$hi inside.

At the time of publication, XXL has yet to receive a comment from the NYPD.

Based off of his own Instagram posts, 6ix9ine was trying to bring as many people to the video shoot as possible. Last night, the rapper wrote on his Instagram story, "BILLY MUSIC VIDEO TOMORROW 2:OOPM. EVERYONE IS WELCOME," followed by the Instagram handle for a member of his team, who the rapper said would share the location of the video shoot.

The same team member posted videos of the hectic scene this afternoon that showed police officers arriving at the unknown location as soon as 6ix9ine did, accompanied with the text "They tryna shut us down :(."

Less than an hour later, he wrote that the event had been stopped.

6ix9ine has been involved in a number of other controversial incidents recently, having gotten in an enormous brawl outside Los Angeles International Airport just last week.

The rapper has also been trading shots with Trippie Redd over Instagram, which appear to stem from their various gang affiliations. While being arrested this afternoon, Tekashi appeared to be holding a red handkerchief, symbolic of a Blood affiliation.

Check out videos of the scene below.

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