6ix9ine has reportedly been released from a Dominican Republic jail after paying a $500,000 bail.

6ix9ine Makes Bail in Assault Case

On Tuesday (Oct. 24), D.R. news outlet Antena7 reported 6ix9ine was freed after posting a bail totaling $500,000 with La Vega Permanent Court of Attention. The Court also issued a restraining order against Tekashi, stipulating he stay away from his alleged victims. He must also take an anger management class. 6ix9ine has put out a statement about his release on social media.

"First of all, I want to thank God, Dominican Republic, thank you," 6ix9ine's message translated to English says. "I love you. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the love that the people of La Vega."

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6ix9ine's Arrest

6ix9ine was arrested back on Oct. 13 while he tried to leave the country on a private plane following an alleged assault on two music producers. One of the victims was reportedly left with a broken jaw as a result of the beating.

Diamond La Mafia, a Dominican recording artist and producer, told local news outlet Diario Libre that the incident began when 6ix9ine and five other men showed up at his studio where he was recording with 6ix9ine's rumored girlfriend, singer Yailin la Mas Viral.

"He grabbed both of my producers, I had just left the studio, Yailin had just left," Mafia said on Instagram Live. "I was making her believe I was in Miami and, suddenly, he showed up at the studio in La Vega and disrupted my producers, through no fault of their own, without knowing them."

"I was coming down and they were asking where Yailin is and I told them that she had left and they said to open the studio for them and I opened it for them and... at once they entered," explained another man, who vowed to sue 6ix9ine. "They hit me more than I even know about."

Video of 6ix9ine's arrest shows him being rushed into the jail amid dozens of fans. Supporters of the rapper had since been posted up outside the jail.

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