6ix9ine says he never paid Kodak Black to appear on his song "Shaka Laka," despite reports claiming the rainbow-haired rapper coughed up $1 million to secure the feature.

6ix9ine Denies Paying Kodak Black $1 Million for ‘Shaka Laka’ Feature

On Sept. 16, 6ix9ine sat down for an interview with the True Life Network Podcast. While he spoke at length about his career, 6ix9ine also discussed whether Wack 100 was telling the truth in regard to Kodak Black's expensive feature on his song "Shaka Laka."

"I didn't pay, people have to do their research," 6ix9ine began at the 68-minute mark. "There’s a whole company called Fume, right? There’s whole videos, pictures, bank statements... like literally, there’s videos online of this company saying, 'Listen, this is a collab song for our vapes,' right? They’re holding a check, taking a picture with him. It’s everywhere, right, and they’re like, 'Yo, 6ix9ine paid a million dollars for Kodak'. No, it was their song, right? It was their song, they paid the million dollars."

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6ix9ine's Song "Shaka Laka" Caused Controversy When It Dropped

"Shaka Laka" wasn’t well received when the song dropped on July 21. Multiple rappers, including Boosie Badazz, criticized Kodak Black's involvement with 6ix9ine considering his long-held reputation as a snitch.

"That n***a Yak f**ked me up," Boosie said on Instagram Live back in July. "I wonder how all them Zoes feel, dawg? I know them Zoes f**ked up right now. I know the state of Florida f**ked up right now. This n***a ain’t got no morals, don’t got no principles. D*mn. Thought that little n***a wasn’t like that, bro. N***a ain’t no street n***a, at all. Damn. F**ked me up."

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Watch 6ix9ine talk about his "Shaka Laka" collaboration with Kodak Black below.

Watch 6ix9ine Talk About Kodak Black Collaboration

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