It looks like 6ix9ine is sticking to the G-Code when it comes to his recent assault, robbery and kidnapping case.

The New York City Police Department has been working to solve the peculiar case, but have run into some roadblocks with the rapper who has not corresponded with them about specifics of the items he claims were stolen, reports TMZ on Sunday (Aug. 5). According to their sources in the department, 6ix has yet to respond to their request to describe the items that were stolen. Furthermore, he has not filled out a stolen property report.

Authorities are still working the case, but have no idea exactly what items they are looking for because of the "Fefe" rapper's lack of cooperation. They are currently working off surveillance video gathered from the scene.

As previously reported, the Brooklyn rhymer was hospitalized after claiming he was pistol-whipped, robbed and kidnapped back in July. According to reports, the rapper was returning home following a video shoot when he was accosted by three masked gunmen. They beat the rapper unconscious then took him back to his car and rode around demanding valuables before returning him to his spot. The assailants reportedly made off with $750,000 worth of jewelry and between $15,000 and $20,000 worth of cash.

The rapper has since said he believes the crime was an inside job and detailed the harrowing situation to Angie Martinez on her Hot 97 show.

Since the incident, 6ix has replaced his old shines with new jewels he claims to have paid $2 million for.

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