Two days after announcing his intentions to leave rap behind this year, 6ix9ine pulls up with a new banger. This one's called "Gotti," and it finds the raucous Brooklyn rapper getting melodic, switching up his typically aggressive flows.

Spitting over an instrumental laced with dreamy bells, 6ix9ine leaves his Onyx-esque shouts behind on his newest track. "Got the money and I split it with day ones/She ain't fuck me back when I was lame, no," spits the controversial rapper. No more than a minute or so later, though, he's threatening to introduce lames to his pistol.

6ix9ine's new track is a new look, but it's not a bad one. It would be a shame, then, for his fans, if he were to leave the rap game behind in the near future. Speaking on his interest in the rap game this past Sunday (April 8), the rapper revealed that he'd accomplished all he'd set out to during his new career as a burgeoning rap star.

"Waiting for someone to rob me. .. Ima quit rapping this year. I accomplished everything I dreamed of in 5 months," he wrote at the time. 6ix9ine has since deleted all of his Instagram posts.

It's hard to know what the deletion of his posts actually mean, but maybe he'll speak on it at a later time. For now, you can check out "Gotti" for yourself below.

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