While FBI agents were raiding 6ix9ine's Brooklyn brownstone, the "Fefe" rapper was across the globe hanging with an Emirati heir. The trip went left at some point, though, and Tekashi ended up receiving an MRI yesterday (Sept. 30) at a Dubai hospital.

It's unclear what prompted the hospital visit, although Instagram posts from the trip show 6ix9ine driving a rainbow-painted Ferrari through the desert. The rapper was arrested in May for driving with a suspended license.

Houston jeweler JimmyBoi, who joined the trip, wrote yesterday on Instagram that he flipped his ATV while cruising in the desert. A message on Jimmy's Instagram story said that "4 out of 12 of us got injured today" and included the note "#PrayFor69."

The crew was in the U.A.E. for several days hanging out with Rashed Belhasa, the son of Emirati billionaire Saif Ahmed Belhasa. Before the adventure went south in the desert, Rashed showed Tekashi and company his white tiger.

6ix9ine is currently fighting a potential prison sentence for violating the terms of his 2015 plea agreement, which he previously signed after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct involving a 13-year-old girl. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has recommended the rapper be required to register as a sex offender and serve one to three years in prison. Tekashi has since submitted a letter requesting "four years of probation" instead.

FBI agents raided a Brooklyn home owned by Tekashi on Friday (Sept. 28) and recovered one firearm. It's unclear what prompted the raid.

View footage of 6ix9ine's MRI scan and his other Dubai activities, as well as a screenshot of JimmyBoi's Instagram Story, below.

jimmyxboi via Instagram
jimmyxboi via Instagram

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