Last Sunday (July 22), 6ix9ine was robbed in Brooklyn after being kidnapped by armed robbers. Appearing on The Angie Martinez Show today (July 27), he recounts the entire ordeal in his most detailed recap yet.

6ix9ine says that he and his friend had left his house before heading out on early Sunday morning to head to his friend Andrew's house. That's when it happened. "I leave the house, we get like a block away—two blocks away—and we stop at a red light. And a car just smashes into the back of the car," 6ix9ine recalls.

After the crash, 6ix9ine says his friend stepped out of his car to see if the people in the other vehicle were alright. From this bit, it's clear his friend believed this was a typical car accident. A few moments later, he found out otherwise.

"I see the gun in the side mirror. I see the gun and I freeze. Like, my whole heart just went to my stomach. I'm like, 'They got me.'" Tekashi says in moment of reflection. "I'm talking all this shit and they got me."

6ix9ine says that seconds later, the gunmen swung open the doors and told him to give them his belongings. "Nothing else. I just went black," Tekashi remembers. Martinez then asks if 6ix9ine had been pistol-whipped, and he seemingly confirms it.

"I saw a muzzle, [and] a flash and I'm gone," he offers. "I end up in the back of a car, making so many stops. This probably lasted one minute and a half, like two minutes, and it felt like three hours."

The rapper goes on to say that he woke up in the backseat of his assailants' car. They wanted his possessions, but he says he only had his wallet and he wasn't wearing any jewelry.

After making several stops, 6ix9ine says he began to wonder if he could lose his life, seeing as he didn't have anything to offer the attackers. He says he tried everything in his power to avoid having the men stop by his house. Ultimately, though, some reflection on the moment and the death of XXXTentacion after a robbery
made him decide to do whatever he had to do to survive.

"I'm just talking to God and I'm thinking about the whole X situation and I'm just like, 'Yo, do I really wanna lose my life right now just because I won't give something up?'” 6ix9ine says, recalling a question he asked himself when his life was on the line.

6ix9ine claims that it's this thinking—and the idea of wanting to get to see his daughter grow up—that led him to have the robbers come to his house and take his jewelry. "I'm saying I got some jewelry at my crib. Just don't hurt my daughter."

The rapper goes on to say that the ease with which his robbers found his house led him to believe it was an inside job. Additionally, the fact that he's dissed so many rappers and industry figures without any tangible repercussions only adds to that idea. "I done told the whole world to suck my dick and they know they couldn't get to me. The only people that could have gotten next to me is the people already next to me."

At an earlier point in the interview, the Brooklyn rapper says this instance would have been remembered in the same vein as XXXTentacion's murder if he had died.

"The talk of everywhere around the world would have been 'R.I.P. 6ix9ine' all week,” Tekashi says. “That would have been the talk. First X, then 6ix9ine."

At an earlier point of the interview, 6ix9ine compares the event to a scene from a heist scene in the film, Dead Presidents. He says that it was the fact that his robbers still held onto him after getting his belongings that made him fear for his life. "I knew if I didn't get out of that car, I was dead. 'Cause you have what you want already, why am I still in the car."

Watch his interview below. The bits about the robbery come in at the 31-minute mark.

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