6ix9ine's campaign of extreme trolling continues. On Wednesday afternoon (June 13), the controversial Brooklyn rapper took another shot at Chief Keef when he uploaded a video of himself taking Keef's alleged baby's mother, Aareon "Slim Danger" Clark, out shopping at a Gucci store in New York City.

The video wastes no time jumping into the disrespect as it begins with Slim Danger (while wearing 6ix9ine's chain) explaining her relationship with Sosa and his perceived lack of one with their son Zinc Clark. According to TMZ, Zinc was born last July and a judge found Chief Keef to be the father.

"What's up? This Slim Danger, this Chief Keef baby mama. I'm out here in New York, and guess what? That nigga don't do shit for his fucking kid."

Just a moment or so after Danger makes her introduction, Tekashi wraps his arm around her shoulder and begins speaking to the camera. "You know, Trey Way here man," 6ix9ine says as he clutches a wad of cash and points his other hand at the camera. "[If] you don't know how to take care of your girl, niggas gon' take care of her for you."

Just a few seconds later, we're taken to the Gucci store, where Slim Danger tries on a Gucci bag. Continuing his Keef-trolling, 6ix9ine asks a Gucci store employee if they're a fan of Chief Keef. They say, "yes," and 6ix9ine once again calls himself a fan of the Chi-Town artist. TMZ reports that 6ix9ine ended up buying her a fanny pack, sunglasses, wallet and a dress which totaled to more than $75,000.

In a now deleted post on Instagram, Slim Danger got up close and personal with 6ix9ine, as he put his hand down her shirt and he kissed her neck.

Tekashi and Keef have been feuding since around the time 6ix9ine began dissing the Windy City rapper's GBE affiliate, Tadoe, for reportedly beating Cuban Doll. Cuban Doll and Tadoe had been reported to be in a relationship.

This video arrives about a week after 6ix9ine, who many believe to have been involved in the attempted New York City shooting of Keef, claimed that Sosa's violent music was the reason he was attacked. It comes just a couple of days after the rainbow-haired rapper reportedly requested to have copies of Keef's Bang 3 project on his European tour rider.

Adding onto 6ix9ine's Keef diss, Danger used her Instagram account to post a video of 6ix9ine touching her in a suggestive manner.

Watch a video of 6ix9ine taking Slim Danger on a shopping spree below.

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