While 6ix9ine awaits his bail hearing, which was scheduled for Wednesday (Nov. 21), it appears as though he’s in even more hot water in the aftermath of his decision to fire his teamand cancel his upcoming tour.

As reported by TMZ, the rapper has been sent a cease and desist letter from his former booking agency, MTA Booking, who claim that the comments he made during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club were defamatory and resulted in its agents receiving death threats. Tekashi accused the booking agency of stealing from him while speaking to The Breakfast Club hosts last Friday (Nov. 16)

Now, TMZ reports that if the currently incarcerated rapper doesn’t issue a public statement of apology for making comments it deemed to be “malicious” and “defamatory,” MTA Booking will move forward with filing a defamation lawsuit against him.

During his aforementioned appearance on the popular morning show, 6ix9ine referred to MTA Booking by name, calling the company “dirty” and explaining how he suspected the company of stealing from him. According to the 22-year-old, the company convinced him to accept $60,000 per performance, although his current going rate is allegedly $100,000, due to having to do damage control given the rapper’s reputation and possible liability.

From there, Tekashi said, things got a little shady, with 6ix9ine getting suspicious after getting information that made him think the company cheated him out of millions. 6ix9ine says that he was informed he had signed a $3.6 million deal for 15 upcoming show dates (which MTA later stated was not the case) even though MTA Booking had led him to believe he'd only be getting a few hundred thousand.

MTA has also shared with TMZ that a large portion of the money the rapper’s attorney offered up in court for his bail actually belongs to the company. MTA claims they have already sent him $860,000 for for some upcoming shows his current incarceration could prevent him from going to. MTA previously denied allegations they were stealing from him. Due to the rapper most likely not being able to perform the dates, MTA is requesting the money be returned immediately, which would likely impact the rapper’s bail situation.

XXL has reached out to 6ix9ine's attorney for comment.

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