After earning his first top five single on the Billboard Hot 100 with the Nicki Minaj-assisted "Fefe," 6ix9ine is now looking to take over the Latin market with his latest song, "Bebe" featuring Anuel AA.

Produced by Ronny J, "Bebe" is 6ix9ine's first song entirely performed in Spanish. Throughout the track, 6ix9ine shows off his vocals as he croons with the help of some auto-tune. "Haciendo el amor, a la misma vez tú te toca' (te toca')/Bebé, no te pasa nada, vuélvete loca," the "Gummo" rapper sings in the intro.

6ix9ine doesn't do too much rapping in "Bebe," instead leaving it to Anuel, who spits, "Y tú te hiciste tu cuerpo, bebé, en R.D/Y chingamos y siempre nos venimos a la vez/Te hice el amor y en tu piel me enredé/Y mi bicho en tu totito te tatué."

The New York rhymer's Spanish track arrives on the heels of his visit to Mexico. 6ix9ine documented the trip on Instagram, which he says was the first time he visited his mother's home country to meet his family.

"I never met my family before.... This was so crazyyyyyy .... My first time in Mexico this shit broke my heart connecting with family I never seen before I’ve only spoken to," 6ix9ine says in the video. "[Me] being younger not understanding why my Mom left her country to make a better future for us. THIS right here hits home. ARIBA MI PINCHE RAZA TE AMO," he continues.

During his trip, the rapper also handed out money to a relative and could also been seen giving money to children at a school his mother attended 45 years ago.

Listen to "Bebe" below.


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