The mother of 6ix9ine's child believes she can rap better than the imprisoned artist and Nicki Minaj.

In an Instagram post uploaded today (Aug. 6), Sara Molina debuts her rapping skills in a new verse for the song "Okay" by rapper Fel. In her verse, Molina claims that she can rap better than 6ix and Nicki, the llatter of whom toured parts of Europe earlier this year. She also takes the time to reinforce her thoughts about Smokepurpp after they exchanged words on social media.

"Dawg these rap bitches they can suck a whole dick/I flow better than Nicki I rap better than 6ix/Curve a new rapper, got him throwing a fit/Tell Purpp man up, he really sounds like a bitch," Molina raps.

Molina appears to be referencing the way 6ix9ine and Nicki collaborated on "Fefe" and "Mama" with Kanye West last year, but it's not the first time she's publicly addressed the Brooklyn rapper. In a video skit she uploaded in June, comedian Comina Harrr rocked the rainbow grill and rainbow hair that 6ix9ine was known for along with a colorful outfit and face tattoos. Before Molina realizes it's a fake, her friend calls him a "bozo ass nigga" and a "snitch ass nigga" while Molina follows up by calling him "Snitch9ine" and a "bum ass nigga."

"Dam @cominaharrrr_ I’m so sorry 4 mistaken u 4 my baby Daddy..." Molina wrote in the caption. "I hope u can 4 give me... #Putashi96 #PayMeInPuta"

The shot at Purpp is a clapback at the Miami rapper, who said she looked like a horse on Instagram. Purpp previously said she wanted to have relations with Molina and his girlfriend. However, once Molina curved him on her Instagram Story, Purpp changed his mind and claimed she looks like a "horse."

Purpp actually responded to Molina's diss against him, and for his retort, he pretended he was about to listen to the song with his Instagram followers before playing the sounds of a horse instead.

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