Another day, another person who has an issue with 6ix9ine. This time, a jeweler is claiming the "Gummo" rapper stiffed him for $25,000 on a bracelet.

On Monday (May 14), a jeweler for the custom jewelry company Trax NYC posted a video calling the Brooklyn rhymer out on Instagram.

"Yo, Tekashi. I had a pleasure doing business with you on the choker," he starts. "Then you asked for a bracelet. I cut it from this chain here. You are wearing it in your videos. It's only one issue, I never got paid for it. [You're] doing charity, you seem like a great guy. I had a great time doing business with you. You looked out for me on the choker, so I'm sure it's a misunderstanding. Nonetheless, it's $25,000. I have no means of reaching you. So, I'm hoping your finance department can wire 25 grand or whatever it is you gotta do."

He captioned the video. "I appreciate the business we did together, and I conducted it with all do [sic] respect. As far as this bracelet is concerned, if you don’t want it just return it."

6ix has yet to respond to the post on social media.

Speaking of people who the Brooklyn rapper has agitated in one way or another, he recently got into a clash with Trippie Redd on social media. In related news, 6ix9ine recently claimed he would be on Kanye West's upcoming album.

See the jeweler telling his side of the story below.

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