The 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef has taken on a new chapter as Fif has brought the mother of Ross’ son into the equation, with a shocking video that hit the net yesterday. In light of 50’s insolent move, both rappers went on the airwaves last night to speak on the situation.

In the video, which was posted on Fif’s website,, the G-Unit Honcho interviews Tia, the Miami rapper’s ex, as she confirms Ross’ past as a corrections officer, their heated child support case and his exaggerated financial prowess. Then after announcing that he will be releasing a book by her called Tia’s Diaries: Deeper Than Rap on the same date as Ross' upcoming disc of the same name – the hip-hop mogul takes Tia shopping for fur coats and Gucci shoes. [Watch Below]

Before the clip premiered, Hot 97 radio personality Miss Info spoke to the Boss about his thoughts on 50 connecting with his baby mother. “You had your people contact my baby mama, she called me and actually [said] ‘their offering money to talk to me,’” he told Info. “You gotta understand she never made more than $300 a week in her life. Would I stand between her making a few extra dollars with this monkey? Of course not, baby go up there, accomplish whatever you feel you need to accomplish. He’s never hurt a fucking bird, a fly. I’m sure you’ll be surrounded by cops. He’s an informant. Just a reminder he doesn’t count in the South.”

Ross continued his attacks against Fif, addressing him as “Curly” - a nickname he says people call him in the South. “We not gonna let Curtly distract us from the fact that ‘Mafia Music’ ended his career,” he said. “The man has not charted a no. 1 record in lord knows how long.”

50 also spoke to Info’s co-worker Funkmaster Flex on Monday night, to talk about why he linked up with the mother of Ross’ son. “When he was actually doing his interview he said you got 48 hours,” he explained. “I told him afterwards I’m really resourceful. Now he understands what I meant by that.”

Giving his thoughts on how the whole beef started, Fif believes it’s coming from Terror Squad affiliate DJ Khaled, with whom he’s bumped heads with before, due to the Florida DJ’s association with rival Fat Joe. “I know it’s coming from Khaled,” he assured Flex. “I’m sure.”

With no end in sight, 50 hinted at having another surprise up his sleeve that he’s saving for a later date.  – Elan Mancini