Think 50 Cent and words like money, aggression and power may come to mind first. Painting his grandma’s toenails doesn’t exactly fit with that persona.

Yet, there’s more than one side to ’Fif and the G-Unit general explains his love for his grandparents, especially his grandma, in a preview for his and Oprah’s interview that will air on Oprah’s Next Chapter, a show on her Oprah Winfrey Network, on Sunday night (June 10) at 9 p.m. EST.

“Who do you love?” Oprah asks 50 during the interview.

"I love my grandmother, my grandfather," he responds. "She's the one, my grandmother. Like, my granddaddy, I love him too but he gets mad at me. It's a different thing with my grandmother. I've always had a connection with her. I used to sit there and rub on her foot, her feet and stuff like that—even paint her toenails.”

That confession, definitely shocked Winfrey.

You know how to paint a toenail?” she asked.

“Yeah. I can paint a toenail…like we in the nail shop,” ’Fif said with a smile.

“I’m going to do 10 things I didn’t know about Fiddy,” Oprah interjected.

“I'll do that for her because her feet swell up,” 50 fired back.

Oprah was still seemingly floored.

“Now that…I would never have imagined,” the media mogul said. “There’s two things that shocked me the most in this interview—meditation and you know how to paint a toenail.”

“Yeah, she'll tell you, I've been doing it for years," said 50, causing Oprah to erupt in laughter.

50’s grandma will be happy to hear the flattery, considering she reacted greatly to when her famous grandson informed her that he’d be doing a sit-down interview with none other than Winfrey.

“So today my grand mother said you on oprah now boy you made it :0) #SK,” 50 tweeted, before posting a picture of himself draping his arm over Winfrey following their taped interview on Wednesday (June 6).

During the interview, Oprah also tries to delve into what caused friction between herself and 50 after years of ’Fif making disparaging remarks.

“Did you say things about me to be provocative or did you really just not like me?” Oprah asked 50 straightforwardly.

Viewers will have to check in Sunday night to find out 50’s response to that and more, however.—Mark Lelinwalla

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