Even while sick and stretched across a bed in a hospital, 50 Cent stays working.

When hospitalized last week with a nasty bout with food poisoning, 50 came across a tweet from Wiz Khalifa that was directed toward him.

“I Gotta Song I Wanna Put @50Cent On,” Wiz tweeted out in the G-Unit general’s direction.

“While I was sitting in the hospital, I saw Wiz Khalifa send a tweet out saying he got something, and he felt like it would be cool if I was actually on a record with him," 50 recently told MTV News. "So I responded to him and I told him, 'Let's work.' I'm feeling good, I was feeling better by the time that tweet went through, so I said, 'Send it,' and I'll speak to him a little later on.”

“Stay tuned to hear what happens because it’s gonna go down,” 50 added about the collaboration that could wind up on Khalifa’s upcoming album, O.N.I.F.C., which is scheduled for an August 28 release.

Such a collaboration would mark the first between ’Fif and Wiz. The Taylor Gang boss wasn’t the only rapper 50 heard from, while resting up in Jamaica Hospital last week.

He also heard from Eminem, who imparted a bit of humor.

“Em called and said, ‘Man you been shot nine times, don’t fuck around and die over a burger,’” 50 told XXLMag.com. “He called and started making me laugh and shit, and I wasn’t feeling good. So I just started to laugh, and he cheered me up when I was feeling uncomfortable."

50 is set to release his The Lost Tape gangsta grillz mixtape with DJ Drama tomorrow (May 22).—Mark Lelinwalla