50 Cent is always beefing with someone via social media. At times, it's difficult to decipher whether or not the hit maker is serious when he throws shade or is just trolling. In his most recent feud, 50 used his Hang With Ap to take more shots at Coke Boys leader French Montana. During French appearance on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club on last Friday (Aug28), French stated that he thinks his recent spat with 50 Cent was a marketing tool to promote Fif's Effin Vodka. The interview got to 50 and he had some words for the Mac & Cheese MC.

"I don't care about that n---a," said 50 Cent. "Frenchie betta [keep] my name out his mouth. I get tired of hearing [it]. I'ma make sure his mouth can't work. Dead ass serious. When I'm talking to Puffy, I ain't talking to you nigga. Your name is Puffy? When he change his name to Puffy?" He then goes on to diss Ciroc, as well as any project French may be working on. "Every DJ in the country is a Ciroc boy, ain't none of them saying nothing. Frenchie like, 'I'm a Ciroc boy.' Fuck outta here. You need anything you can get, anything, to try and make some sort of momentum 'cause ain't nothing happening." Watch the full video here.

Diddy and 50 Cent both have their respective vodka brands. Fif has Effin Vodka and Puff has Ciroc. Over the past few weeks, the two have entered into a vodka war. Fif used his Instagram page to throw friendly jabs at Diddy's video for “Finna Get Loose." Puff responded by calling Effin Vodka a "B-level team" during his The Breakfast Club appearanceOn the Queens rapper's birthday, Diddy posted a throwback of him and Fif with the caption saying he recently sent 50 a lifetime supply of Ciroc. The jabs continued with more Instagram posts. In dissing Puffy's Ciroc brand, the "Pilot" rapper also called out French Montana, claiming in an IG video that French showed up to a meet and greet that had a low attendance and asked for Effin Vodka rather than Ciroc. French countered by posting a video of him throwing out bottles of Effin. Unable to let it go, 50 just had to respond. We'll have to see if this drama continues any further or if the rappers just let it go. It makes you wonder if anyone is buying their liquor in the meantime.