50 Cent has been unable to sell his Connecticut mansion since putting the home on the market in 2007 and in an effort to get the property off of his hands, the Queens native has lowered the asking price once again. According to the Hartford Courant and New York Post, Fif is listing the 21-bedroom, 25-bathroom home in Farmington, Connecticut for $8.5 million.

The rapper bought the home from Mike Tyson in 2003 for a reported $4.1 million but has invested anywhere from $6-$10 million in renovations. Along with the excessive amounts of bedrooms and bathrooms, the home also includes an indoor club, a casino, a helipad, a 40-person hot tub, two billiard rooms and a movie theater. The rapper has been trying to sell the home for nearly a decade and has been steadily decreasing the original $18.5 million asking price.

" 50 would have a better chance being a country music singer," high-end residential real estate expert Rob Giuffria said in regards to Fifty's shot at selling the home.

In August of 2014, XXL made the expedition out to Farmington and caught up with G-Unit at the mansion for the G-Unit reunion cover story. The G-Unit leader explained why it was the right time for the crew to get back together at that summer's epic Summer Jam concert. "The timing actually was what it took for it to run its course. Me and Buck’s situation happened a long time ago. With me and Banks not communicating, he still didn’t say anything disrespectful to make me feel like I had to go get him or I had a problem like that," he explained. "But with Yayo, his frustrations set in and there’s no basis behind it. It’s really like there’s really no true reason that they can look at you and tell you.

"They didn’t explain, 'I was going through feelings,' or, 'Someone asked me what’s up with this and I responded by saying [something like], ‘He doesn’t rock with us no more.’' It comes to Banks’ attention and he’s like, 'I ain’t got nothing to do with what he’s saying.' See ’cause now Banks didn’t want to be included with what Yayo was saying, [’cause it could seem like] everything Yayo was saying, [Banks] was in agreement with. So he was reaching out to make sure that I didn’t think or feel that way."

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